Aug 31, 2012



HAHAHA. I finally write a post. Yeah, yeah. I'm really busy this week. And really tired too but I just can't forget about my blog and Facebook. Teehee.

I had badminton practices this week. Ooo? Badminton? Yeah, badminton! Hee.. Lee Chong Wei! He's my idol, you know. So, what's the matter with it? Haha, just for fun. Well, my teacher, wait, my coach is trying to find female badminton players that can represent the school for upcoming tournament! So, he said I could try. Yeah, so had to go for training almost everyday. So, I normally went home late in the evening. *sigh. But for my love for badminton (or, Lee Chong Wei?), I'll do the best! No matter what happens. I don't want to let go of this so good opportunity. I want to be like LCW! I wish he's my brother, then he can teach me how to play. Well, I actually learn a lot of things already from the training. So, it's nice. To learn new things eventhough I don't know if I could represent my school. Just play for fun, right? Play more, learn more.

By the way, I have really good news to be shared but then.. it's still a secret. I'm really eager to tell it but I just have to keep it up to myself first. And.. my family. If I break that secret, everything will go crazy. Really? Haha, just wanna make you guys nervous. Kikih. I'm really happy with that news until I cried. Tears of happiness, you see. After all this hardwork and challenges, yeah. I'll tell you when the time is suitable enough. Thank you, God. I just don't know what to say. Really, I feel very grateful with everything that I have in my 14 years old life. Thank you again, God.

I will try hard to achieve my dreams!! Yes, I can! Think positive!

P/S : Happy 55th birthday, Malaysia!

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