Aug 6, 2012

Malaysian True Hero :)

Okay, the badminton finale was over. But, Malaysia lose. Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan came out with 21-15, 10-21 and 19-21. The game was really good! LCW really played very good and it's just that luck didn't favour him. Pity LCW. He tried his best but unluckily, he lose. Sometimes, we might think, why God is so unfair to him, right? After all the efforts he had put in this match and the injury that he had to overcome, it's just isn't fair! But God is fair. He will be forever fair. I've read a quote saying, "If God doesn't fulfill your wish, that means He is planning to give you better things." Well, let's hope the quote really means it. LCW cried yesterday. Seeing him crying made everyone's heart sad too because he really is the best! He tried the best for Malaysians to gain a gold medal but he lose. It's better than nothing, right?

When I saw him in the news, he sounded so sad. His voice broke everytime he speaks and his eyes were red too. His face was very pale. He's done a very good job. No one can beat him, except for Lin Dan. But it was just pure luck. LCW could have done better. I'm sure Lin Dan would think that too. Both of them are so good players and the best in the world. The game was so nice and both of them had really gave the best they could in that game. LCW, fighting!

Based on NST newspapers, he hoped that the Malaysians could forgive him. LCW, of course we will! You don't even have to say sorry because you have did the best! I'm proud of you and everyone is.

"Chong Wei did everything right in the final but when it came to the crucial stages where luck, and not strategy, was required, Lin Dan had the good cards," said Seu Bock (LCW coach).

I totally agree with that statement. It's just a matter of luck. 19-20 and the last point Lin Dan got it. It's not LCW's fault! It's just that God has the power to determine our lives. So to anyone who criticizes Chong Wei, watch your mouth! Go play yourself lah!! I hate those kinds of people who kept criticizing others for their failures.

Still, congrats Lin Dan for getting the gold medal again. And congrats too for Chong Wei for getting the first medal for Malaysia. You're a true Malaysian hero and it will forever be in my heart and to others too. Keep moving on!

"Greatness is in whoever who tries to find it."

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