Aug 3, 2012


Hey!  I've found cute emoticons for blog leh! But, I think it's kinda too big, aa? It's so cute lorh. So, the post will be kinda fun to read right? Yeah! 

By the way, OLYMPICS! I know.. Malaysia haven't have any medals yet but they're trying to. The athletes are getting better now. Lee Chong Wei and Tan Boon Heong-Koo Kien Keat managed to qualify themselves to the semi-finals! Yipee!I really hope they could go through it and enter the finals. I love Malaysia! Khairul Anuar also scored very well in the archery and he also managed to enter the next level (quarter finals? semi? not sure too)! And so on. There are still a lot of athletes but I'm too tired to write all of them. Teehee.

Can you see that? I drew it myself! Wah, so proud ler. I love Malaysia! Wish all the best for Malaysian athletes in London Olympics! I really, really love you guys!!! Good luck! By the way, Baskin Robins reported that they will give free ice-creams to everyone if Malaysia got gold medal! Fwaaaoooo..! That's so cool. Unluckily, there is no any BR premise in my state. Isk!

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