Aug 22, 2012

What did I do?


Yo, yo! I just came back from my hometown yesterday. It was fun and was kinda sad to leave Grandpa and Grandma but we had to. Mum has to work while Dad has to open his shop. Yeah, so we went home and got stuck in a terrible traffic jam. I thought it should be wiped away with bread! Yeah! And there's so many traffic lights that were not working and it made things worse. It's so dangerous. Yeah, it is the festive season. And yesterday it rained quite heavily. Pity Mum and Dad.. had to keep awake while my sister and I? We slept, of course! Almost throughout the whole journey! We are sleepyheads. :D

We reached home about well, almost 12 midnight. Sort of crazy right? But then, it's fate. Yeah, FATE. The trip back to my hometown was nice and I did quite a lot of things. I collected shells in the river (or lake? I'm not sure), bake FIVE cakes, played badminton, played with my little baby cousin and went to the temple to pray. It was nice, though. And it was some kind of last holiday for my sister for this year because she has to sit for the most important test in every Malaysian student's life, that is SPM stands for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. She has to sit the test around November until December, I guess. Almost a month!

And I have to be the maid of the house! Pity me, don't you? There's gonna be tonnes of house chores and not forgetting my homework to be done! *sigh. So, sister. Appreciate my efforts, okay. Or not, I'll kill you! *joking.

So, end of the story. Bye bye. :D

P/S : Gonna update back really soon. By the way, saw my header? Teehee :)

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