Aug 4, 2012

Yeah yeah yeah!

Oh my God!Just hours ago, I wrote a post about Lee Chong Wei going into semi-finals. Well, it's not anymore. Instead, he's going to finals! Just can't believe it! He beat Chen Long of China so easily and now he's going to fight with Lin Dan, his traditional rival. I just can't wait for the match lorh. Sunday, 8 pm, Malaysia time. Oh me God!! I do hope he can win! He's been trying so hard already and he is getting older already. Really hope that he can make it this time. Lee Chong Wei, you have all my love!Yeah! I love Lee Chong Wei, my idol! You can do this!! 我很开心啊!

All the best, Lee Chong Wei. I'll pray for you. The whole Malaysia will. And for the other athletes too. We pray for you all. Good luck!

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