Sep 16, 2012

Malaysia Day and so on.

Hey. It's been quite a long time since I've typed my last post. I'm busy and caught a cold this few weeks. First of all, Happy Malaysia Day! It's holiday and I don't have to attend school! I'm so delighted. I rarely have any rest even on weekends because I have a so packed schedule EVERY DAY. Even weekends don't seem amusing for me now. Sunday-Thursday, I have school. Friday-Saturday, I have Mandarin classes, music classes and Saturday extra classes. Now Saturday classes is no more but it still doesn't make any change in my hectic schedule. Mom and Dad want me to learn everything if possible so they send me to this class, to that class, to those classes and so on. Sometimes it really burdens me! Well, most of the times actually. I'm just a 14 year old girl but I really have to face so many things. Dad wants me to learn Mandarin, so he sets up a class for me on Fridays and Saturdays. I've already learned so many languages until that I think my mind is going to blow up one day! Being the last child in this family, I need to keep on. Handling all the stress and also desperately trying to find a time to enjoy myself. I just have to fulfill Mom's and Dad's so-high-hopes. Being their daughter, this is what I have to face. Although sometimes I really wanna stop all this craziness, I just can't. It's already my responsibility and yeah, I just have to go through with it and stay strong.

This few weeks I've also faced a lot of failures. It really feels very sad to face these failures but, life is still a life, right? It's not that we will succeed all the time. Sometimes even the greatest man on earth fails. No matter how hard we tried and no matter how much we put all our entire efforts on it, nothing seems to work. Which leaves us failures. Will there still a hope? Can I still look up? I've been treated unjustly for so many times and everything seems to put extra pressure on me. So that I could give up? No. I, will never, ever, lose to some sort of failures. Why should I? Failures are just failures. Even when we cried so much for it, so what? Sadness will come and go. So does happiness. We just have to keep our mind calm and peaceful and not to be so disappointed or so delighted by the results that we got. Remember, there will be ups and downs in our lives. That's the truth. We should let the failures that we had motivates us more. Look straight and everything will be fine. We just have to move on and yeah, just like I said, stay strong.

My post gonna end now, but my spirits aren't. So does yours. Never give up. Really, that quote works for me.

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