Nov 9, 2012

Piano Grade 6 and A Post Before I Leave :)

Hi. I think this might be the last post for this month? Yeah, perhaps. I'm pushing off to KL tomorrow. So, this should be the last post before I'm going to a world with no internet usage. Urgh. How not cool is that.

Next year, I'm going to take Grade 6 practical exam, which is kinda very 'big' for me. Hewhew. Grade 6, it should be hard right? But then, I promised myself to pass the exam. I want to play the pieces smoothly and let the examiner know that I'm not just an ordinary child. Yes! I've been trying very hard lately and it did work. In practical exam, I must play 3 pieces. So, I've now learnt 2 of them which is Invention in B Flat by Bach and also Waltz in A Flat by Brahms. The pieces are very nice and it's my responsibility to play it correctly and nicely! I must make Bach and Brahms glad. Yeay, yeay. Although they're no longer alive. :( I really like the new change in me. I love it. I don't want to change myself with others. I'm satisfied with myself. I just want to be myself. To be Wee Soo May.

By tomorrow night, I will be flying to KL. I'm a superwoman! Haha. It's kinda sad to leave my home sweet home. Sigh. Now, I have to pack my bag. I'm lazy but I just have to. Nevermine, at least during this holidays, I'm going to have an excellent time! Really can't wait for it! Looking forward for this year's adventure! Yahoo!

Before I end this post, I hope that everyone enjoyed their time in this blog. (Er, is there anyone here?) Have a nice holiday and see you! Perhaps during the end of December, for the 2013 new-year post. *winkwink ;)

Recognize me? The right side one! 
I don't know why did I insert that photo. Maybe because it looks cute, with the One Direction photos! Heehee. Bye.. :)

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