Feb 8, 2013

All well and ends well

This week is perhaps, the most tiring week in year 2013! Or maybe next next week will soon be the next most tiring one. Hmm.. maybe? First of all, I would like to write about my this one whole week experience! Woohoo! Kinda great and challenging. On Sunday and Monday, I had my first ever ping pong tournament. I won the first match but later lose in the second match. I lose to a state player who is younger than me! So, it's not that embarrassing because I just learnt how to play ping pong in only about 3 months. And she's a really REALLY good player. Smash, smash and smash. Whoosh. Deadly cool.

On Tuesday, I had my chess tournament. Met with a few friends there. Lose the first match. Won the second match. Day 1 chess: Finished. After I won the 2nd game, I was thinking about retiring from chess competition for the rest of my life. One, because I don't like the tensed atmosphere. The purpose I joined this tournament is to have new friends, experience, fun! But, well, it didn't turn out as I want it to be. Every second, I had butterflies in my stomach. I just can't stay still. Nervous, all the time. Gosh. Two, I realized that everyone who joined this tournament wants to prove their ability to others. But me? It's a different case. As I just said, I just want friends, experience and fun. Not really more than that. Three, chess is really capable of making your head burst.

On Wed, the second day of chess tournament started. And really, thank GOD. I won all the next three games. So, I won 4 games over 5 games. I was very happy but I didn't really wish that I can be in the Top 6 to qualify into the state level. Because I really feel like going to retire from the so-called 'chess battle'. But.. I got number 4. Which made me qualify into the state level. So, I'm going to represent my district with a few more people to compete again in a higher level tournament. I don't have any girl friends to accompany me except for boys. *sigh* But, no! I'm not going to sigh. I'm very thankful enough to get number 4. It's been about 4 years I haven't join any chess tournament, 'cause I just play chess for the sake of fun. In a nutshell, 3 students from my school including me, are going into the state level chess tournament, under 15 years old categories.

Conclusion: Sometimes, you will get the things that you expected the least. The same case like me, currently. Now, I'm having butterflies in my stomach everyday because my journey in this chess battle haven't finish. IT HAS JUST STARTED.

Note: Preparation for state level tournament=17th until 19th Feb. 20th Feb=Cross-country race. 21st until 23rd Feb=Real state level chess tournament. #a very very busy week#

P/S: CNY is coming!! I wish all the Chinese a happy new year. May everyone be happy and stay healthy with your loved ones. And may you all have a great time this year! 新年快乐! I'm going to celebrate Chinese New Year too. Oh yeah yeah. But not for a long time.. I've got chess!!

Wish me luck in everything!

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