Mar 22, 2013

Moving out

Okay, hi everyone. I've been such a bad blogger to leave my blog for like, so long ago? Aha, that's me, busy with all the stuffs. If I tell you all of it, I'm sure the list will go long and long and LONG. By the way, my elder sister passed her major examination with flying colours! Really proud with you sister. Straight 10 As, with 8 A plus and 2 A solid. Which means, she has ended her school years. Me? I'm still stuck in lower secondary school. Urgh. If I can skip school for a year, it would be faster. Sigh. To skip school means I have to have great mind. Must be a genius. If I can be a super genius. Aha, that's funny but yet achievable but sounded impossible. Cool sentence huh?

Talking about genius and school, I've determined myself to change where will I study next year. I want to move. Yes, I wish to move. I'm tired of facing people looking at me like an alien. Well, I'm the only person odd in the school. Which is such a shame. Sad. I have a target now where to further my studies but it will only be achieved, if I, broaden up my knowledge 2 times wider than others. Damn hard. But yeah, I just need to do that if I want to go to my so-called dream school.

Another factor of why I really made up my mind to move is because of FRIENDS FACTOR. You know, some of them. Just because I did quite well in my exam, they always envied at me and I'm really sick of hearing their laser words. They were like, "You're not that clever either." "Move to another school so that we don't have to see your face!" "You shouldn't have been the top." "You're clever, but you still can't beat ____ (which I actually beat)." and etc. But I just stay silent, too shocked with their words. Hearing those words were like slashing my heart. Just like slashing fruits in Fruit Ninja. Um, that's out of topic. They don't even care about my feelings but I must CARE about their feelings. Sigh. They thought I always looked so happy, so they can just said like that? And yes, I've been bullied in school. There's this one girl, I don't even know what's the matter with her, she is like, stepping on my shoes, poking me all the time, playing fun of me, trying to beat me when I walk to the class and I was like, STOP IT I AM TIRED OF YOU GUYS AND I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU GUYS ANYMORE AND I WANT TO MOVE OUT TO A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE RESPECT ME AND SUPPORT ME.

I just wish that my wish to move out will come true 'cause I'm tired to be in a place where moral values are not practised. Guess this is just what I'm going to write for today. Toodles.

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