Apr 19, 2013

Facts about Me? #NumberOne

1. I can eat any vegetables! Anything! But I don't really like bitter gourd.
2. I wouldn't eat vegetables that are prepared by others who are my family members.
3. I love classical music, not classical songs.
4. I currently wear only one side of earring, so I change it to another side every one week.
5. I can't really eat spicy things.
6. If I ate something outside (certain), I'll get stomach ache.
7. I will have goosebumps when I see ants.
8. I don't like chili sauce, 'cause I want to eat something with its 'original taste'.
9. I can't talk when I play the piano.
10. I love netball but I'm afraid to catch the ball.
11. I'm a prefect but never scold kids before.
12. I am easy to be bullied, 'cause I don't bully.
13. My height: 162!
14. I like pineapples but not cooked pineapples.
15. I love gummy bears, sushi and bubble tea.
16. I always dream to have all latest gadgets but never have one.
17. I am often scolded for being lazy.
18. I'm a Chinese who speak Mandarin like a European slang. Which means, I'm not very good at it.
19. I listen to English, Mandarin and Korean songs.
20. I always think I'm the most peaceful person among my peers.
21. And the most patient one.
22. A hardcore Buddhist and Taoist.
23. I own a DSLR but don't know the right time to use it.
24. I'm not good in admiring something very long.
25. I once used Internet until it reached its limit and got scolded very bad.
26. If I want something, I'm gonna get it, NO MATTER WHAT.
27. I love languages.
28. The longest cry I've had: 3 days.
29. I love to write self-narrated stories.
30. I am very easy to fall sick.
31. I once challenged myself to read the whole dictionary but ended up reading only around 4 pages of it.

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