Jul 10, 2013

The Sacred Conversation~

During my moral class this morning..

Teacher: Oh my.. I'm so sleepy *yawning*.. I've been awake since 4 am, cooking for my kids! 

My teacher is a Muslim, and this month is Ramadhan, which is the month when Muslims fast from dusk to twilight. They have to wake up early to eat before starting their fast. I just nodded and laughed a bit.

Teacher: My kids just wake up when they are told to, unlike me! Sigh, they are so lucky. I wish I can be a kid again, but it's impossible. May, this is how it is to be a wife! Next time when you're married, you'll have to endure this.

Me: Then teacher, don't marry! Simple as that!

My teacher laughed.

Teacher: Well, in life we should have a mate who can accompany us. Or not, life isn't fun!

Me: Then, I'll just date anyone and have lots of boyfriends! But I don't have to marry. *laughs*

Teacher: *opens her eyes wide* What? Wow, so you're going to have lots of boyfriends? Are you speaking the truth? *laughs again*

Me: Why not, teacher? It will be much simpler than having to marry someone!

Teacher: I don't believe you. Perhaps you are holding hands with your husband when I'm going to see you in the future!

Me: No no.. But yeah maybe? If he really loves me, then I'll just marry. Hahahahaa. If not, I'll just follow Plan A.

Teacher: Oh, what about if you are getting older later? All of your boyfriends will run away then! 

Me: Then I'll just be a nun and stay in a temple!

Teacher: Who will take care of you? How about your wealth? 

Me: Well, there are people in the temple who can take care of me. My wealth.. I'll just donate it to those who need it! Isn't that easy? 

Teacher: It is easy for you to say that! 

Me: Of course, there's nothing wrong! 

Teacher: Haha, good good. This is the first time I heard someone said this. You're a clever girl. Unique. I like your idea though.

As I was feeling superior after hearing that compliment, we both laughed hard.


This conversation with my Moral teacher is real, 100% original except that I have to translate from Kelantanese Malay to English. Phew! But what I said, was not a joke though. I was only joking at the part where I said I will date a lot. That's not true. I'm not a flirty girl. 

I've thought this idea of not marrying and be a nun many times. If I do get married, when I'm old, I'm going to ask for divorce and be a nun. At least when I die, I'll die with no regrets. 

And please, this is just one of my weird thoughts. Don't take it wrong. Peace?