Aug 17, 2013

Pizza: Recipe & photos

Rise and shine! I'm in a superbly good mood today, so no one is gonna spoil it. But the sad thing is, I'm gonna start school again tomorrow! Omo! I don't want! T.T Holidays are going to be over now. Phew, how much I will miss you Mr Holiday. We won't be meeting again until two months later! Oh gosh gosh gosh. And I have an major exam to sit during October. It's now mid-August. Oh. my. God. 1 and a half months to go. This. is. crazy.

No time to say, "Chillax guys"
No time to wake up at 2 am and watch YouTube videos
No time to bake frequently
No time to just listen to songs and idle along
I just have no time.

Kay, before my school mode is on, let me fill up these few hours before school reopens with baking. Good idea? Jjang! (Korean word for 'great!') I'm not Korean. I'm Chinese. Wait, what does that have to do with this? Gahh, never mine I'll just continue with my pizza story.

So.. yesterday I did pizzas and the last piece was my breakfast today. Sob sob. So long pizza, we'll meet again. This is my second try and it was far much better than the first try. Well, maybe it's because I used different dough recipe, home made pizza sauce and more expensive cheese. Yeah, that should be the reasons. Now, go to the topic!

This pizza dough or pizza base is the ideal one for me. Very soft. White. Irresistible. 

300gm of flour (superfine flour will do much greater results)
190ml of warm water
1tsp of dry yeast
Pinches of sugar
30ml of oil
1/2tsp of salt

1. Mix yeast and the sugar with the warm water. Stir it slightly and let it aside for about 3-5 minutes.
2. Place the flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Make a hole inside it and pour the yeast mixture and also the oil. Then, start mixing the mixture until it becomes a dough! (If you have a machine, better use it with the dough hook. This trick requires no effort at all.)
3. Grease a big bowl using oil and transfer the dough in it. Brush the top of the dough with oil. (Since the bottom layer is covered with oil already.)
4. Cover with plastic wrap and let it aside for about one hour. It will double (or triple) its size.

Now that is just the pizza dough. Here is the pizza sauce recipe.

Tomato puree
Black pepper (grounded or powder type)

I didn't put any measurement because this is subjective type of food! You can put hundreds of onions or thousands of oregano leaves, I don't mind. But just think logic, okay. I had a tin of tomato puree. So I chopped an onion and a few cloves of garlic. I stewed them and added minced meat. This is optional, though. You can choose to not put it. Then, I pour the tomato puree in and let it boil for a little while. I add salt, some oregano and black pepper. When it is done, I just let it cool before transferring it into a small glass bottle (for future use too). 

First photo: The ingredients; cheese, dough, mushrooms, sauce, sausages and oregano
Second photo: Dough-spreading making
Third photo: Before in the oven
Fourth photo: After and fu-la-la! 

So, you got the directions right? It's very simple and yet satisfying. Yum yummy. Papa, Mummy and I couldn't stop eating and that pizza resulted as our dinner. I think I did a great job. We no longer have to buy pizzas from shop 'cause now I can make my home made pizza! Which I do think that there's no differences between home-made and bought-from-shop pizzas.

Gotta start doing my home work though! I've got seven essays to be copied! OMG! 救命啊! But, I even thought of doing steamed moist chocolate cake this evening. *saliva keeps dropping 

Watch out for more recipes! And.. have a good Saturday!

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