Aug 11, 2013


Phew. It is holidays currently. My elder sister was here for about one week before she finally flew off to KL back just now. I feel so tired. And sick too. I had fever and serious headache for four days. Never felt this painful before. But it's now gone. Thanks to my next-door doctor. My throat is now feeling itchy. Guess it's because of Moms virus infecting me. Haha.

So there's another week for me to enjoy my holidays before another term starts. However I still have extra classes for three days. Great. Grr. Gonna use all this time left to do things that I love. Which are; listening to music, watching movies, downloading videos, surfing Internet and daydreaming. Life never seems so good.

Talking about recovery, I decided to change my blog's look. Maybe tomorrow. Yeah. Tonight is kinda too late. I need to sleep. Hopefully it's gonna be great. Well I just need something fresh to encourage me to keep writing, right? A kiss before going to sleep, muah. Nite then. :)

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