Jan 24, 2014

PPPP (Quad P)

Tonight I'm in the mood of blogging again since I have so much time for the meantime. I should appreciate it before it finishes. Today is Friday and is my fifth day being in my new school. We just finished our orientation week, so the management is giving us a few days of total rest before we start our studies next Monday.

I don't know whether I'm thrilled to study or not. Well orientation was boring, but studying is tiring. It seems that both sides aren't that fun aye? I get lots of friends (lots?) and exposure to how it is being here. Get to know seniors, juniors, teachers, the management and bla bla bla.

I never thought that I'm actually living in a boarding school now. I mean, in my whole life, I thought I'm just gonna spend my whole school life living with my parents until I further my studies to university. Well that is what my elder sister does. But I'm now living in a hostel and like so far far away from my parents. Which is like 484 km away from here. This is sad.

Though I am sad, but I am currently overcoming the sadness. I have plans here. And I want to make them happen. What I'm going to learn in semester 1 is Bahasa Melayu, English, Maths, Add Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Moral, History, Jati Diri and Research. While in semester 2 and 3, I'll have Calculus and Algebra. Not to forget that I have to learn an international language! I picked Korean out of Japanese, French, German, Arabic, and Mandarin. Shocked?

I didn't pick French because I never intend to learn that language. I am afraid if I take French, I'll not enjoy the class because I have no interest in it. While Japanese, I love Japanese. I thought of learning Japanese. But Japanese is a little bit cliche (Anyone, no hard feelings please. This is just my stupid opinion) and most of the students picked Japanese and French! So the classes will be packed man. German is not my taste. Arabic and Mandarin, I already have the basics. So.. I go with Korean.

Mom and Dad are sceptical about my choice to learn Korean. Mom said to me I must not be influenced by K-pop. Well, I like K-pop. I mean, I listen to Korean songs and watch Korean movies and variety shows. But let me say it right, I'm not a fanatic fan of K-Pop. I enjoyed K-Pop because of their choreography not because of those handsome, fair Korean lads. My heart really said I want to learn Korean. So.. I followed it and here I go! It's Korean time!

I'm in BBSM, badminton club and voluntary club for co-curriculum.

I'm seriously looking forward to studying but all the seniors said I'm gonna regret what I said. Because there are tonnes of homework, assignments and presentation to be done. That scares me a little but I'm a TOUGH girl! Yeay

So.. I'll update more next time! Bye!

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