Mar 11, 2014

Mid semester

HI. Somehow it's been quite a long time since I updated this rusty and dusty blog with a new post. I miss writing and typing! So I'm reaching my mid semester soon and there will be EXAM and HOLIDAYS. 

So many things happened. I still can't believe that I'm studying in a boarding school actually. Every time I try to recall what am I supposed to do here (school), I remember I'm here, away from my parents which is 484 km apart, to study. Sometimes I feel a little bit homesick. Life is good here it's just that when I think how lonely my parents are, is saddening me. I wish they are not so far away from me. :( 

I was living a perfect happy life here until a big crisis happens. WATER CRISIS. There's no water all over Permata and I'm so frustrated. Who doesn't? But that makes me realize that I've been such a spoilt brat before. I never appreciated water as how I appreciate it today. The whole school complex has no water except for the tanks that Selangor water company (SYABAS) provides us every day. 

Toilets are smelly. People are stinky (this is just a hyperbole). Especially toilets! Toilets.. oh my God. I don't know who are so irresponsible, that after they have 'done their business', they didn't flush you see! Although there's no water, at least take a pail of water from the tank and flush 'them' off. Aiyo, humans nowadays. We are in a so-called gifted school but we are not well-taught enough about cleanliness. Or to be more exact; think about others. 

Done talking about water. Now I have mid semester exam coming up! Woohoo! *raising hands 'excitedly' 

First paper would be this Friday. Sigh, I just hate exams. And exams here will be slightly different because our marks would be affected by our carry marks. I hope my carry marks are good enough. And I really hope the teachers will not ask things that we don't know. I mean, the things that are so beyond syllabus that we don't even have time to explore and read and MEMORIZE. That's the real point.

I like studying but I don't like exams. If we don't have exams, we can just study anything without any worries that we can't memorize them all. See? Well they say we don't have to memorize texts because understanding the texts is enough. Well, that works on Mathematics and Add Maths. What about Biology? History?! As if my brain is that awesome. T.T

Somehow doing a slight revision is a must. I tend to forget everything. This is so sad. But I just hope I'll do my best. *fingers crossed 

To those in Permata and everyone else, good luck! Let's face exams together *raise eyebrows

And I seriously miss seeing water flowing continuously from the pipes in Permata. 

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