Mar 27, 2014

Research and STEM

Holidays are here! Hoooooray!

So many things happened lately and I thought I should share some here. "Writing (in this case, typing?) is my soul". I boarded the flight by myself from LCCT to Kota Bharu last Saturday. And I am here, in my home sweet home, enjoying last bits of holidays. It's already Thursday, and it indicates that holidays are going to end no much longer. So, I SHOULD SLEEP, EAT, READ AND PLAY AS MUCH AS I WANT. That's my plans for holidays.

Now.. what did I want to share already?

About my research! Well, in Permata, it's a must to do a research about anything that you want, that you're interested in, that you're curious in. Most of us were having problems to choose their research topic, but not me, of course. I chose to do a research on diabetes. I want to find a cure, a permanent end to this disease. Of course, it's not that I like pharmacy or I want to work as a pharmacist. My current research topic is to determine whether panax ginseng can lower down blood sugar levels and eventually cure Type 2 diabetes. My friend said, "Oh girls, with their Biology again?!" I was like, "What the heck does this have to do with Biology?!" Such a typical view on girls and Biology < I'll cover this topic later. A lot asked why did I choose this. My answer is simple: Because I want to end diabetics' sufferings. Having family members who have diabetes is enough to set a strong curiosity and anger in me to destroy this metabolic disorder once and for all. Did I sound like I want to kill someone? Haha, but yeah it seems so. But I'll guess I need to change my topic soon. I don't really like the idea of panax ginseng because as we all know, it's a damn expensive plant. But that is just for my mini proposal, and I haven't met my mentor yet, so I can still change the topic anyways.

I would like to do some kind of more advanced research on this like drugs, beta cells, or even radiotherapy treatment but a friend of mine suggested that it would be kinda hard. So, I listened to her but I will do those experiments.. when I become an eligible pharmacist, or a pharmacy researcher? Eventually, I have an ambition now. That is to be a pharmacist. I never had an exact ambition before until now. But.. will this stay constant until forever?

The main problem for me to find a suitable ambition is, that I like everything! Unlike some people, they might find Biology, Physics, Add Maths or even English is annoying for them. I love everything, I want to do everything, I want to work as.. EVERYTHING. Now, that's the catch. I can only study one when I take my degree or whatsoever (I'm not so good in these uni thingy). Well, of course I can study others after that.. But still knowledge is too vast. If only I can learn them all at one go, my mind would totally crack I guess. BUT LEARNING EVERYTHING IS AMAZING. So, practically I'm trying to say here is that, school is somehow amazing. That's because we're learning everything in school. Only when we pursue our studies, we'll have to choose one or two but not all fields. Sigh

Okay, now I'll recover about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in girls. I read an article on 50 Top Genius Teenagers in the world, and I am certainly not one of them by the way. In that list, there are like so many boys and a little amount of girls. There's this one girl from USA, I guess, tries to open up girls' minds that we must indulge in STEM to qualify ourselves in the same par as the boys. And I have to say, this girl is my twin.

We totally agree on the same thing and this is what I'm trying to do also.

In class, boys will always moan during Biology while girls will always moan during Physics and Add Maths. FYI, this is a typical situation, it may not apply to all. A friend of mine, a boy, saw me walking excitedly to Biology class, and he said, "I can't stand Bio man, it is such a girls' subject."

I stopped and turned back, "Oh really.. who says so?" with a sarcastic tone. I love being sarcastic, sometimes.

During Physics, someone said, "Ah Physics, boys can learn it quickly because they love calculating and it's their main subject and because they're smarter. While girls.. they find it boring and they are not so good in Physics, because they like Bio more! And their minds ain't suitable for this tough subjects, same like Add Maths."

I'm like, "What the hell?"

So, when these kind of situations pop out, people set their minds like that too. Such a typical *yawns* mindset. *yawns again*

GIRLS AND BOYS can be good in anything! When you set your mind like that, it appears to me that you are lowering your mind capability, your IQ, and embarrassing your own gender and criticizing the opposite gender too! If you are so smart in Physics, then how come a very easy like ABC subject like Bio, you can't score? Then the another typical mindset comes... It's because girls are hardworking, they are willing to memorize, we, the boys are too lazy because we are smart enough. This crap is like how-many-centuries-ago kind of thought. I have to correct that BIOLOGY is not all about MEMORIZING (unless you think so, which I don't). BIOLOGY IS ALL ABOUT UNDERSTANDING AND MEMORIZING, NOT JUST PURE MEMORIZING. When you don't understand, of course you won't remember what you are memorizing and then, you don't score. And you go all the way blaming Biology? Why don't you just blame your brain and try to take back that lame excuse? Duh.

So now comes the all calculating and mathematics subjects. Girls. Sigh. Everyone is like damn seriously smart. It's just that we are not confident enough to show out capabilities. Girls, I don't know why, always think that, boys are smarter in Maths while we, the girls are better in literature and perhaps Biology as what everyone says. It is a fact and we can't change it and.. stop. That is another kind of crap that should be extinct by now. Open up your eyes, girls! Open up your brains, girls! I don't care if this affects a person, or a small group of people, because it means that their brain are keen into literature or stuffs equivalent to that. The problem now is that, everyone believes THE SAME THING.

Everyone is different, you see.  

I don't blame girls who like Biology and boys who like Physics and Add Maths. That is up to them because it's their brains. It's their cups of tea. BUT WHEN THINGS GO HAYWIRE AND AFFECTS THE WHOLE COMMUNITY WITH THESE TYPICAL MINDSETS, it ain't taking us anywhere. Our society will be lame enough to be called llamas. (lame sounds like llama)

When I have female friends who have the courage to be engineers, I really respect them. They know they will be the minority, yet they choose what they like. That applies the same to boys. I respect my male friends who wanted to be doctors. They are all SMART ENOUGH to unleash what they like, than following what the society says.

And here I am, talking about STEM when I still have no freaking idea what to be in the future. But for sure, I will be in STEM and LITERATURE fields. I am going to make that happen, simply because.. I love everything.

P/S: No offence, this is just another bit of my crazy thoughts. Thank you.
P/S/S: I just want everyone to use all parts of their brain and be smarter.
P/S/S/S: I'm no smarter than you either. No worries.

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