Apr 19, 2014


Hi. I'm so bored. Duh. I have lots of stuffs to do actually; finishing my homework, updating story, taking care of my throat, and thinking of random stuffs.

So there are a lot of things that happened this week. Well sort of. I currently have nice good friends but most of them are boys (there are girls too by the way). Literally. I have two good buddies among my Moral friends and I have good male classmates and I have a nice senior who helped me and yeah. We are all nice friends. And none of us likes to talk about idle stuffs. I guess boys do not really like to talk about gossips and crushes. Wait, is that stereotype? Nah, I don't know. I'm a sort of boyish girl. I'm physically a girl but I portray some boyish characteristics too. I don't really like long shopping trips, pretty shoes, pretty clothes. Except for the part that I'm easily scared, like most girls. Wait, is that stereotype again? Laugh out loud.

We usually talk about ideas and imagine stuffs. We talk about religions too. Usually I talk on this topic with my other Moral friends. We always share our views on each other's religions and debate on fairness within community. Instead of talking about crushes, which I think I don't have one, it's much way better to talk about these stuffs. I sometimes learn Japanese from one of my boy buddies. But of course we have fun too. Playing random games, singing songs and hitting each other. Wait. Hitting each other means I hit them, not they hit me. And by the word 'hit', is not the aggressive or flirtatious hitting. It's just punches on shoulders (when I'm too bored). Hihi.

I'm not sure if I have a crush or not. But having none is of course good. I don't have to waste my time on thinking 'him'. I already have so many male friends around me, so I already have all the protection a girl needs? Haha. Not forgetting my female friends. So I have my roommate, my classmates and my Moral friends. Of course they are the best when it comes to all girls issues. My classmates usually talk about crushes, which I don't really like the topic, mainly because I don't have one. But I still like to poke on them when their crushes are standing near them or well, whatsoever condition that may happen. I'm a naughty child.

While my Moral friends don't talk about crushes. Because.. everybody doesn't have one. That is what everyone said, I don't know if they actually have one. Well well haha. So we usually talk about our old schools and about religions. I really enjoy talking about religions with open-minded people, which no one thinks about converting anyone into their respective religions. You know some people tend to be close to others because all they think is to convert them. That is so not a sincere friendship. Luckily my close friends are all very open-minded (especially the Moral kids) and we don't mind talking about religions. I finally can share what I think of Buddhism, which I didn't really do in my old school. And I finally can learn so many other religions in my new school, here.

My roommate and I tend to talk about... everything? Well our topics are not that specific because we often share our stories. But somehow we like to talk about our homes. About how comfy our beds are in our homes, about how we spend our time with out family and about how we ended up here. She also tends to talk about her crush, but I don't really mind because she's the only one talking which is different with my class. My class's style is 7 people talking about crushes at the same time. How cool is that? And my roommate often treats me ChaTime - bubble tea! She would always buy Hazelnut Bubble Tea for me. My favourite. So sweet right? I should buy her her favourite Starbucks drink when I go out then.

I have lots more to talk of my batchmates and acquaintances. But that's all I can say about my close friends here. I'm missing my old good friends too.

DNA Camp next Thursday yeay!

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