Apr 29, 2014


Hey I'm back again to talk about something that I think bothers most of the students today. Which is grades. Since it's again another studying-for-exam mode, it seems to be a normal conversation or thought among students about grades and their importance. We keep arguing about grades being a not good measurement to students nowadays. Well, most of us. Somehow teenagers are keen to always protest whatever the government does, right? Then when they maybe eventually work in government sectors, they will have major problems to regain their ego and retreat what they once did. True? Sadly, yes.

Some said grades is good because it would make the students strive hard. And it also would create a benchmark among the good and weak students. It would give the top students their right hold opportunity for being smart. But some said grades isn't good because it's only based on exams. Students who did not perform well will be shunned and will not be given chances. And teachers will not treat them fairly as how the teachers treat the good students. And grades only measure your memory, not intelligence.

"You get good grades, that's because you are a nerd; you memorize the book and not because you're genius."

That type of saying always appears anywhere, even on websites. But is it that true? Is is true that grades system is wrong? Is it true that grades system is right? Or neither? I pick neither. Why?

You see. Usually the students who keep protesting this kind of system is not right, are those who did bad in their exams. They must have got shunned by people, or felt so low confident and embarrassed. So as the result, they would of course blame the whole system and claim that they are smart, but not academically and the system should have not assess  the students based on exams only. The system is wrong as shit and teachers are not fair and stuffs like that.

While those who did very well in their exams, would say there's nothing wrong with the system since all privileges are given to them. They work hard, study hard or their brains are very good in learning new stuffs, would of course get good results in exams. It's their perseverance and their talent to gain such good results. They see grades as a perfect system for them because everything is a piece of cake for them and they don't care much for weaker students too. And exam's questions are not all based on your memory of reciting facts only. Mathematical questions requires HOT and ability, so those who excel are smart. They believe that its up to someone's capability to be successful.


Try to put yourself in these two different positions. And after that, view it from a neutral view.

You can easily conclude that these two sides are just protecting their dignity and just view the whole case from their point of view. Every one has their own ego but different levels.

As for me, I'm not a very good and a very weak student. I'm just a normal student. I personally think that by hating or loving this grades system is lunatic. This system ain't bad and ain't good at all. System can't hurt feelings. It is not a concrite object. It's a system, an abstract thing.

For me, grades is good to assess students. BUT students must not be shunned by teachers or other superior students. That's wrong and that ain't have anything to do with the system. It's something to do with your surrounding society's mindsets. So, weak students wouldn't feel sad or so low when everyone is open-minded. If they still feel so, then that's because they are too weak to get up and face the music. That kind of people should just jump from a cliff.

That's why PBS is created. The actual purpose of PBS is to create a holistic student. But it's up to you to think whether it works or not.

Conclusion: Grades ain't good and ain't bad. Good students should not be egoistic and weak students shouldn't do the same and instead don't give up than saying, 'IDGAF'. That is just so wrong. Your mental is so wrong.


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