Apr 1, 2014

Physics Olympiad Camp Day 1

Hello! I am in the mood of posting a new entry again! Well it's actually because I have sorta free time now since this week is all about revealing exam results that everyone is waiting and isn't waiting. I'm waiting for them but I'm waiting for good ones! So, this week every one's mood is a little bit down as what I can see, maybe because some didn't get the marks they expected.

But that's not what I'm trying to focus in this entry. Instead.. it's about PHYSICS OLYMPIAD CAMP.

Actually I was in the 'exam results' mood when suddenly yesterday, Syahir called me during Biology. He said I was picked and offered to enter Physics Olympiad Camp. Then he said all the instructions given to register and he said the Olympiad was to be held this week. I'm like, "What, what, what?! THIS WEEK? When will it start??" "Tomorrow." "WHAT"

So I was like kinda panic, happy, grateful, glad and some more other mixed emotions at that time. One, I was panic because the Olympiad is held 'tomorrow' which is today and I don't know what will we learn or compete or whatsoever. Two, I am happy and grateful that I finally get something to join! An Olympiad camp bro! It's like almost joining an Olympiad bro! That's an honour for me, especially for me, because I never join an Olympiad camp before. And this will be good for my co-curriculum activities marks since I'm not so active joining them. Three, I'm glad that I got this offer and got picked by Miss Dini, our Physics teacher (she teaches the whole batch), instead of me trying to join every single audition but ended up failed in every single one of them. So this Olympiad is finally something that people actually think I deserve it, instead of rejecting me and not giving me a try. 

I went to register with Ryan and what shocked me is that every other participants are born in 1995, three years older than me - the same age as my sister! I was like, "What? Are we kinda lost here?" Then I started to worry. What if we can't do it? I mean although we are considered talented and gifted (which is 100% false in my case), but our Physics knowledge still can't be compared to them! Well we can but none of us did read advanced Physics because maybe we are not that interested and also because we don't have much time to do so. I ended up thinking about this Olympiad the whole day and night.

So today, the ten of us from Permata are like weirdos. The other participants were looking at us like we're aliens from Mars. Enough to make me even more self-conscious. We boarded bus and headed to School of Applied Physics, which is located in UKM too. Others brought all types of thick STPM and college Physics reference books while we brought nothing except for childish and innocent smiles on our faces. The number of girls participants is indeed very small compared to the boys. Even in Permata team, I'm one of the three girls of out ten participants. Seems that I be more active in spreading STEM in girls. You can read my last post to know more about my opinion on STEM, by the way.

Mr Yap, a guy from this Physics department, I guess, is the one who kinda manage us. He was at the registration yesterday and he greeted us into the hall just now. So today we learnt Electricity from Mr Wee - same surname with me! And you know what,


The first thirty minutes was okay. Luckily I was in Advanced Physics last summer camp. It helped me.. but not that much after that. IT BECAME HARDER. I was convincing myself this was just a challenge. You can catch up May, it's just because it's something new but you can sure do it. So with this kind of positive thinking in my mind, I survived the first period. Then there was tea break.

Soon after tea break we continued our session again. It didn't go any easier as I scratched my head as new equations came out one by one. Since the others already learnt it in their respective schools, the Permata team was like speechless and thoughtless. Mr Wee then told us that he hoped we can catch up. I was grateful for his kindness but seriously all of us was like, "No way man". It was really getting harder and I couldn't see what he wrote on the board because literally everyone is so tall, have big heads and my eyesight isn't that good. I think I should get spectacles. With confusing symbols, equations and the I-can't-see problems, time was tough. Ryan was the first who gave up and he kept drawing unicorns since then to keep himself occupied. Permata team was looking at each other, giving the do-you-understand-these-craps? looks. So that was the end of session two.

After lunch my mood got better and I have hopes that I would be able to concentrate and understand better. Well I did make it but that lasted for the first fifteen minutes. Sad life, it sure was. I got tired of being stupid. For the first time in my life that when I get questions, I would look blankly on the paper because I don't know what to answer. I was in the brink of giving up but I always motivated myself to carry on. So I tried to listen and understand what the professor was teaching in front. Syahir who sat beside me was also getting a little fed up and he slept after that. I couldn't even sleep. I was thinking, how am I gonna answer Miss Dini if she asks what did we learn? My interest to learn got worse as Calculus calculating came into action. What the heck? My head just cracked into five more deep lines of scarred-by-Electricity.

After three sessions of Electricity, we had tea break again, and another deadly last session of Electricity. Mr Wee went faster because he said we were learning at quite a slow speed so he sped across the slides. I was determined to learn, so I did my best in concentrating. Finally a quite easy theory came - Kirchoff's Law! I learnt it in Advanced Physics, so it did help a little bit but eventually I forgot most of what I learnt last time. I need to dig out my Advanced Physics files tonight, then. When it was over, everyone gave a small sigh of relief. Or is it just me?

After four stressful sessions, we got into the bus to come back to Permata again and during the bus ride, I laughed a lot with my fellow Permata teammates. I am much closer to my teammates, like Muaz and others who were actually just normal batchmates to me before. At least there is something to laugh on after a bad day. 

Unfortunately this is just Day 1. I have a few days more to come. Feeling sooooo excited! -Pure irony- But I am actually excited to meet my Advanced Physics Key Instructor, Cikgu Wan, who will be teaching us on Thursday. I am actually excited to meet all the teachers - but not so much on the subjects. I like Physics because it's an extraordinary subject but today just scarred my brain. It will heal soon, no worries. Because I am an optimist. I won't give up easily.


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