May 16, 2014

Missing Home

Whew! It's already the middle of May! I can't believe I am still staying here, in Permata after five months leaving my family which is about 500 kilometers away. I miss home. Especially now that holiday is approaching.

Can't wait to see the greenery side of Kelantan. Can't wait to speak in Kelantanese with people around me. Can't wait to speak in Hokkien+English+slight Kelantanese language with family members. Even if I do, I can only speak through the phone with Mom, Dad or with my sister in that so-unique-language only four of us can understand.

Life back in Kelantan is nice. In Perak too, my hometown. Where I was borne. Life here in Permata is also nice. I'm so grateful to feel everything now. Thank you.

I will continue to survive. And will do so until the very last of my life.

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