Jun 19, 2014

A brand new kick: Semester Two

Hello everybody! It's been a long time since I've been active on my blog. I can see dust everywhere *blows

So for me, I just finished my Semester One last end of May! Phew. I was glad that I somehow can still go through such a roller coaster ride kind of life in Permata. I really never regretted my choice to move here before. Not even now. I still miss my family back at home. But I won't be long, Mommy and Papa! Three more semester to go and your daughter will be back in no time!

This week kicked well. I have a new roommate now and she is Kamini. We are friends since 2010 and we both know each other quite well. I'm glad to have her as a roommate because we are in the same batch and yeah, we can do our homework or do some discussion together, or even have fun together. I have lots of moral friends living at the same floor as I, so I am now having like a total different situation than my previous Semester One. Oh and Arathi is living with a new roommate too, Athira and she's pretty nice too. So all is well.

And my exam results. Hah. The marks for sure decreased and so do my grades. But for the mean time I still have straight As solid yet and I am very very very thankful for that. Like seriously. Thank you. I just hope I won't have A- to spoil my results. A- sucks. They drop your pointer hell damn lot. SERIOUSLY. My pointer last exam should be higher if not because of two A- for papers that I don't sit; Korean and Research. So, I'm planning to pay my revenge and thank God! I got an A+ for my research and it's the only A+ that I got. Even though there's only one, I'm so so so thankful.

I targeted to get A+ for Maths, Chemistry and Add Maths but I failed. For Add Maths and Chemistry, I almost could get two A+ but my carry marks were low. I have no idea why my carry marks are very low compared to usual. It's like, I passed all my post tests, I did my assignments, but mind maps not so good maybe because I don't like to decorate and waste so much time on that. But come on, mind maps can't really drop my carry marks down so much right? I'm not sure neither. Sigh. I'm supposed to get 94% for Chemistry if there are no carry marks at all but when it is added with carry marks, my total marks become 89%! It dropped by 5%, thus making me so far away from an A+! Fyi, Permata's A+ is 95% and above. Most of my friends have higher marks when carry marks are added. While mine is another way round. If only my carry marks are not that low, my marks would have maybe increased and I might have got an A+!

Now, do you know how freaking sad am I?

I cried a little after that because for me it is like not fair at all why my carry marks are so low. I already gave my full commitment in the class and yet.. sigh. And this happens for Maths and Chemistry. Just hoping that other subjects won't be like this too.

But then I finally realized, maybe it is me that is wrong.

No matter what, I now know that I shouldn't really take carry marks for granted anymore. And I will strive hard! Not to play so much anymore. Well, playing is still playing. But study must come first. And I just realized one thing that during the final exam, I only prepared for the subject the next day, the night before. If I studied earlier, would things become much better now? Nah, I don't know. I guess so?

Nevertheless, I shouldn't give up and keep striving. Wee Soo May, you can do it!

That's all from me tonight. Bye~ 

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