Jun 1, 2014

Room B 45 and Its Owners

Heyyo bloggie so today I  have good mood to post another new entry and it's going to be about... ta-da, RANDOM FACTS ABOUT MY ROOMMATES AND I! Which we basically lived in Room B 45 which you read in the title. The sad thing is.. we are 99.9% not gonna be roommates anymore for the next semester which is like WHAT THE HECK I KNOW RIGHT feeling. The remaining 0.1% is if we happens to be roommates again which is like impossible but well if there's miracle then well why not right :X

I'm gonna list all the random facts about us but mostly about my roommate. Let's start! 开始!

  1.  Her name is Arathi Jeyaratnam
  2.  She's sixteen but she's in Level 2 and she keeps bragging that she's younger than me but she is my senior hmph whatever I don't care
  3. She is a Ceylonese but people keep thinking she's an Indian pity you mate
  4. Her parents are both doctors and she wants to be a doctor too don't you guys even ask
  5. She dreams to go to Cambridge and studies Medicine and she's pretty serious about it like DAMN serious
  6. She's a so called the famous Granny in Permata but in the room, she acts like a total 3-year-old CHILD to me
  7. She would whine like a baby if something's not right and will go like, "MAAYYYYY HOWWWW WHAT SHOULD I DOOOO"
  8. She's a perfectionist, she couldn't even think easily which way to go to DM if there are two routes. So in this case, I'll usually take the lead lol
  9. She once scolded me for taking so much rice on my plate, at that time I was like ASDFGHJKL?
  10. That time there was a bee in our room and it couldn't get out and it kept attacking us and she cursed like seriously cursed the bee with so many words you can't imagine XD
  11. One night, she opened the door and screamed so loud because there's a cat suddenly ran into our room and like I said, she whined so hard saying, "MAYYYYY THERE'S A CAT IN OUR ROOM WHAT TO DOOOO"
  12. She always buys me ChaTime yeay (^^)v
  13. She's freaking scared of Permata's cats, like me.
  14. When she's super happy, she would jump around in the whole room. When I say she jumps, I really mean that she jumps all over the room saying "OMGGG MAYY I'M SO HAPPYYYY"
  15. She hates One Direction. Or should I say she hated One Direction? Refer to next facts
  16. I played Through The Dark by 1D and she was like, "Who's song is that? It sounds nice." and I replied, "1D" and she said, "Okay, I'll just redraw my words and you pretend you didn't hear what I said"
  17. I played the same 1D song a few days and she kept asking what song is that and I kept answering it's Through The Dark like for so many times until one day I played the song again. I looked at her, expecting her to ask again. She was looking at me too but then she said, "That is the song I kept asking right? Er what's the name again? Through The Dark right?" FINALLY phew
  18. Then she would sing to 1D sings without her realizing and I'll be here, quietly laughing but didn't comment because if I do, she's gonna stop and deny the fact she sang 1D songs
  19. She sang her ABRSM Singing exam songs to me which was in IDK, Spanish or German or what and it was so funny I had to control my laugh man
  20. She likes to say, "Hey I try to put my songs on shuffle and let's see which song is the first"
  21. When there's Internet crisis, she would use my laptop as if she owns it :P SHE EVEN MADE A FOLDER FOR HER IN MY FREAKING LAPTOP luckily I am a nice roomie :3
  22. We made a few Moral kids family trees before until about one in the morning :X
  23. "THIS IS THE BEST DRINK I'VE EVER HAD MAY" when she drank her first yogurt drink ever. Thanks to my sister who bought for her haha XD
  24. The movies we watched together before is: A movie about skating and love (I don't remember the title anymore), Spirited Away, The Last Song and the latest was Miracle In Cell No 7 (I cried at one part like hell and she was just portraying her normal face lol) Wait. Why do I feel like I missed some here?
  25. She has a crush and both of us know who that freaking person is heh heh
  26. She. Is. Damn. Lazy. To. Even. Brush. Her. Teeth. Or. Take. Her. Bath. Arathi. Pig. Oink.
  27. Never tried marshmallows until last year, never tried cotton candy until this year and never tried Penang laksa and Nutella before. 
  28. Her childishness is only known to certain people that is me and she's very proud of it because people keep thinking she's a serious granny
  29. She tried to persuade me to be the NEW GRANNY but I don't want because Granny is only for old grumpy serious people like her
  30. A fan of teh tarik and roti canai 
  31. Owns an alpaca and a unicorn!! She's the mother of all unicorns and keeps inviting unicorns into our room hmm I barely see one before except hers 
  32. She sleeps with her small bantal busuk soooo cuuutteeee righttt
  33. Her daily sentence is "May, don't look here" HAHAHA XD
  34. During the water crisis, she was so greedy that she got herself two BIG pails and went to fill them up. Tengok tengok she couldn't even lift them up and called me to help her instead -,-
  35. Moral session starts at 8. At 7.50 she would say, "May let's go" 
  36. She orders pizza every weekend banyak duit uwuu
  37. When she wants me to help her, she'll do a cute face and whine like a baby and I'll just look at her with an annoyed face and she will win eventually hmph
  38. Her favourite EXO member is: Sehun because she said he looks like orang putih and is so handsome well well Arathi good choice
  39. The easiest way to annoy her is.. Play Frozen songs in Malay version XD
  40. She laughed so hard at the part, "JINX JINX AGAIN" changed into Malay, "SAMA SAMALAH"
  41. During normal days, she studies. During exam weeks, she watches dramas and movies. Awesome right.. then by the next morning she wouldn't go down for breakfast and whine, "MAYYYY I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO STUDYYYYY"
  42. My style is to sleep late during holidays. When she knows this she was like, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU MAY HOLIDAYS ARE MEANT FOR SLEEPING EARLY. APELAH KAU TIDUR LEWAT" 
  43. When she converses in BM it sounds weird like hell you would just wish she talks in English
  44. When I talked with my friend over the phone in Kelantanese, she would look at me after that and say, "I DON'T UNDERSTAND A FREAKING WORD YOU SAID. WHY KELANTANESE LANGUAGE IS SO DIFFERENT HAH"
  45. The only Kelantanese sentence she knows how to use it is, "GAPO MUNG" which basically means, "APE KAU" 
  46. She would then use 'gapo mung' 'gapo mung' in the room and I will shoot her my most annoyed look
  47. When there is spot check both of us would be like "WEYH WEYH HURRY THEY MIGHT BE COMING NEAR"
  48. The only outing that we went is to Bangi Gateway with Kak Ngah and Azhar. We went there pun because PTSL is closed. Dahlah jalan penat penat hampeh ish
  49. I used 'Pergh' once and she asked what does 'Pergh' means and I said like it's an expression when you're angry or excited or jealous or something like that lah (IDK how to explain okay haha) and when she used it, it doesn't fit the sentence or the situation at all 
  50. She planned to pollute me with her 'pervertness' by June. But I'm proudly to say that I'm not infected at all. 
  51. I call her Grandmama, others call her Granny
  52. When she scolds, everyone will get so quiet no one dares to say anything even me lol
  53. She's very hardworking, she sanggup wash all her clothes by hand! IDK what to say in this case
  54. Stared at me very hard when I laughed so hard, watching YouTube videos when she was still having her exams
  55. Ended up watching the videos with me too lol
  56. The only French word she taught me that I remembered, "Oui!" because it sounds like my surname Wee :D
  57. She corrects my grammar in the room when I talk
  58. But sometimes because I talk very fast and I never bother my grammar when I'm talking informally, she has no power to correct my countless grammar mistakes anymore. So.. she doesn't correct my grammar that much actually haha
  59. And this Grandmama feeds me like I'm a pig :3 She forces me to eat her chocolate, cereal, box drink etc because she says she's on diet. SO ALL THE FATS ARE GIVEN TO ME nice game huh
  60. We often danced in the room. She taught me her Punjabi (or Indian?) dance while I taught her my Korean dance. And we danced to Monchichi by Joseph Germani too! WOOOHOOO
  61. Because of her frequent trip of going home, she keeps making me jealous by telling me how many hours left to her Dad coming to fetch her >.<
  62. The best way for her to irritate me: Change her voice to a high-pitched kid's voice and whine on unnecessary stuffs
  63. She REALLY SUCKS IN DRAWING. Her drawing of cow is mistaken for a crab. *facepalm
  64. Reminds me so many times to plan her sweet sixteen birthday well because I'm her bloody roommate but NOW I'M NOT HER BLOODY ROOMMATE ANYMORE IN THE SECOND SEMESTER THIS IS SAD MAN
  65. She plays 2048 everytime before she sleeps
  66. She often scares me with the Slenderman thingy when she's not around Permata and left me alone in the room
  67. She tried to teach me British slang but I think I'll just stick to American and Australian and Malaysian style okay mate
  68. Her taste of music isn't my style but my taste of music is usually her style except for the fact that I like slower music and instrumental covers while she doesn't really like them that much. She likes faster songs I guess :3
  69. Things that I teach her to do (Imma proud grandchild): Listen to On Our Way and got addicted, watch P/S: I Love You, sleep late, play Asphalt 8: Airborne, watch EXO Showtime and their music videos (when she didn't even layan K-Pop all this while), be messier LOL, be less perfect because she's having serious case of OCD haha, sing 1D songs yeayy, teach her some iPhone tricks ;) and etc 
  70. She's taking Ass Pee Em this year yaabeedaabeedoo 
Well I think this is enough. Bet there are numerous of mixed tenses here and grammatical errors I don't care. I just write what I think. LOL. 

And yeah BTW for those who don't know, we are friends since 2010. We share the same RA in 2010, the same course CSI in 2011, still buddies in 2012 even though she's KTP and I'm in Cryptology and yeah 2013, we got separated and it's so sad but hell yeah in 2014, we're in one room! We have a small group of us since 2010 which is made up of me, her and Vivien. :X But there's bigger groups lah that we eventually made after that like Moral group, CSI group, Kak Nad's group and bla bla bla 

So yeahh.. Wanna do the same for me, bro? Cc Arathi hahahahahahahahaha if you have time :X

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