Dec 14, 2014


It is tiring
to uphold a trust 
for people 
who do not
appreciate it

Trust is abundant
I am unsure if
that is a blessing 
to others
or a mistake 
made by myself
or both

My trust upon you
is like
a fresh, green twig
growing from a century-old

It does not grow so often
but once it grows
it is supposed to stay

You came
to befriend
my twig grows longer, browner 
I guessed I trust you
and vice versa  

Instead you became a pair of scissors
snap the twig of trust away
harshly from the old branch of mine
without any signs 

I wailed alone 

Because I'm just a tree 
I cannot run
nor shout
no one will hear

Even if they listen
my voice trembles
curt, tense 

The inner part of the tree
breaks apart
for it,
trust is vital 
so is justice

As if placing glue
could fix that wound,
it worked

The dead spot
where the twig once grew
grows again
becoming another new twig
for you

it grows because
it is afraid
that you might snap it again

Timidly grows
somehow you fertilize it,
water it,
and people say that
there is always a second chance

Easily touched
I let you dwindle with my branch
there is no harm,

Albeit how amicable
my presence does
to you
Now with bare hands,
braver than before
you snap 
that fragile 
twig of mine
which was yours too

Too frail
to fight back
because to all of  you
I am just a tree 
silent - shh

The vibrant tree
who longed
so dearly
for such 
fundamental values
finally forfeits 

its heart is not broken
only once
or twice
or thrice
it is
much more than that

People say
"Go on"
I did
but this happens
too much

I cannot
but to let the 
break and

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