Apr 2, 2015


I have learnt and found out a few things these few months of 2015 so I think I ought to write them down:

  1. I am an INFP. 
  2. To say thank you to people is easier and more natural than saying "Thank you God." (I am not an atheist if you are thinking differently) 
  3. I have been avoiding eye contacts like I have used to do. There must be a reason which I am to find out. 
  4. I think if I have a trait that people dislike, it is bluntness. 
  5. I thought I find someone who thinks the same as me, but it turns out not to be. And the more I force myself to think that he/she is the one, the more discrepancies I sense.
  6. I... hope too much for something that never exists. 
  7. My spirituality is not complete yet - way more to go in sense of practising the ascetic rituals.
  8. I am even too lazy to tweet. 
  9. The things that I personally like and enjoy most are not useful in modernising technology or humanity.
  10. If real education is defined as the person's initiative to find knowledge and to know it by heart, then I might fail to do so in STEM fields. 
  11. I doubt my tenth statement. 
  12. I have become increasingly quiet and particularly have started to enjoy solidarity more than I used to do.
  13. I don't have adequate time to do important things yet I decided to post. 
  14. I have someone to talk to but she is not always around me. 
  15. I do quite well in things I do not like. 
  16. My soul always feels empty and longing for things I do not know.
  17. I ought to search for the Perfect One so that I can forget 'those people'.
  18. I'm tired of judging. 
  19. My English vocabulary is improving, thanks to SAT prep.
  20. I feel lost.
They are not written literally so no one understands except for me, unless you are a deep thinker. Yeay good  

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