Aug 14, 2015


Things are done. Finished. Nothing is left anymore to continue. The final end. What do you feel? How do you react?

Sad. Heartbroken. Emptiness itched in your heart. The feeling of holding on to the memories you cherish. 

But have you cherished them when they aren't called 'memories' yet?

And that is, the beauty of endings. 

The present joy, laughs and companionship are what building the bond. Blocks of feelings building a solid empathy and care towards each other. When trust remains the underlying factor and discrepancies are respected. The moments you know strengths and weaknesses but choose to stick together. That is persistence, responsibility and fidelity to bond.

After that comes the final point. Where doubts are around, intoxicating each other, questioning the firmness of an existing bond. Then you started missing. Nostalgia. Or the over-attachment to either the people or the now called memories you are fond of. Negative withdrawal starts when you are too skeptical or too attached. Emotions billow. Whether they will sink or not; however they will, with the guide of time. Perhaps this is called intense care; love? 

It might seem sad now, but the saddest point is when you forget the memories you made. And that... is the greatest loss of a bond. 

It is over now, and it is solely up to us to retain the bond. Whether you want it or not, it is mainly up to you. 

Thank you, big sister. For making me realise this. 

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