Sep 19, 2015


"Life is too short to be sad."

*sighs* I should learn to be happy. I just hope I'm not pretending, though.

But really, I should get cheery again. Perhaps this one week holiday might help. 


Note the effort, please. Hahaha

Less than three months more to end high school. But that also means I have less than three months to be with my friends. Oh God... that's so fast and sad... I love Erudite! *cries and hugs imaginary bolster*

I really can't imagine not being in school. I don't miss the school, I miss the people. Oh man...    

So that should motivate me to be happy - because you only live once, YOLO! Except if you are a believer of rebirth or reincarnation (which I am a Buddhist err... but let's just put that aside lol). Okay, let's just put it this way: you only will go through every experience once! So every second is momentous and we should appreciate it. I am trying to be very motivational and optimistic here. 

P/S: When there are a lot of asterisks and 'haha's, that means I am in quite good mood. Haha happy holidays. May this one week be a productive one *fingers crossed* 

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