Nov 12, 2015


Two of us were in the kitchen, cleaning bean sprouts to cook for dinner.

"Ah May... I wonder why would you agree to stay with us during the holidays?"

"What do Ah Ma mean?"

"I mean, we didn't take care of you before unlike your elder sister. You don't have to actually come back here every holidays but instead you come back every time. I thought you would never like to stay here, especially this holidays because your sister couldn't make it, but you still come back to accompany us."

I looked at my grandmother. Her eyes started to glimmer behind her spectacles.

"Ah Ma, why would you think that? Even though you did not take care of me when I was little unlike Che (my elder sister), both of you are still my grandfather and my grandmother. We are a family, so of course I come back. This is still my kampung (hometown), Ah Ma, because you two are here."

There was a silence, then she nodded slowly. I hoped she understood, and I knew she did. I did not say a word anymore and I too, continued cleaning.  


"You can never say never,
while you don't know when,
time and time again,
younger now than we were before.

Don't let me go,
don't let me go,
don't let me go." - The Fray

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