Nov 10, 2015

Perks of being an INFP

So I was very bored and I felt so lifeless so I ended up reading articles on INFP, which is a type of personality based on Myers-Briggs types (bla bla bla can definitely find more details in the Internet). Apparently I'm an INFP and I finally felt understood so much by a non-existent being. *cries* Anyway I don't really trust personality types but this one describes me like 90-95% accurately so yeah it's something big to me. The other 5-10% is because I believe there's only one and only me. *smiles smugly*

I'll just type down some excerpts that I find particularly very funny and accurate at the same time:

"Constantly being mistaken for an extrovert because you act goofy to those whom you've never met, and being able to witness the confusion on their faces when you proudly announce that you're actually an introvert."

"We can be very negative... people always seem to think we're always optimistic about everything. That every INFP is so cheerful that their farts send out rainbows and their burps lovely little flowers of joy."

"We don't like focusing on solely one thing. A lot of kids and teenagers growing up, usually only have one thing in mind that they want to be, and one thing only. If they don't have one thing in mind, they're usually very unsure about what they want to be. INFPs are very different, in the sense that, mostly thanks to their idealistic nature, they'll likely have multiple things in which they'd like to be."

""Name one thing you want to be when you grow up." Only one? Why one, when I have so many?"

"We just find so many things fascinating, that it would be boring to learn, or do one thing for the rest of your life."

"Naturally they all didn't get it, my point is we don't like sticking to one thing for the rest of our life."

" solution that I can think of is to distract us... The third best is with food, especially if we're hangry people... that is people who get angry/moody when they're hungry."

And another link on 25 Joys only INFPs Will Understand: HERE

So yeah, the end haha.

P/S: I'm so sorry Mummy and Papa, I don't study hard enough these few days *cries* 

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