Apr 18, 2016


This evening -
"Are you okay?"
maybe because she had broken her pencil,
or the heaps of laundry in her room,
or Statistics drove her impatient,
or the fact that someone stole her months-long work - so mad that her hand shook,
or that she hadn't called her parents in a while,
or the short writing that she missed,
or just because her hair cream is finished
making her hair unkempt

It bugged her for three weeks
and right this evening,
her questions answered
her emotions cleared
her mind purified
she felt too elated
because she is liberated

She felt so happy she could scream,
for a reason she herself wasn't sure.

"You smile too much to be happy"
Stromae sang
and the question "كيف حلك؟"
her reply was "انا بخير"

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