May 25, 2016

Permata - UKM

The fact that I am listening to Varsiti Kita (UKM's anthem) at this hour is oddly creepy. The last part of the song is my favourite part; it gives me chills every time.

To be associated with the university since I was 12 years old (which is quite a while now), marks a deep meaning in my heart. Even though I am not technically a UKM student, but Permata is still under UKM and well, we are supposedly under UKM, so yeah. I'm carrying the UKM pride.

It might not be my undergraduate university. It might, however, be where I will end up working, but only God knows. But it will forever be where my high school is, the place I cherish the most.

And today, a few hours later, my batchmates will be registering for their pre-university programme, ASASIpintar in UKM, which is under Permata as well. I am so excited for them. I am happy they will all meet each other again. I wish they will find what their passions are. I hope they will survive and thrive through all the hardships they will face there (not being negative, but every thing has its downs to test all of us) and make good memories.

For others who are and will be in somewhere else, I wish you the same.

We might be going our own ways, but the spirit stays. I pray that we will carve the best journeys in our lives.

Good luck :) 

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