May 20, 2016

(some scribbles)

"Why are you here? ...again?"

"No, I'm not the same person. I may look the same, but that is just a manifestation. This is the real me. I don't exist, as a character. I am just an illusion sent by Someone. This is just a test to gauge your values."

Looking at his baffled face and messy hair, she continues, "You have shown that the outside doesn't matter, but the inside. A virtue that creatures like you, humans, is almost impossible to achieve. Your eyes have transcended the norm with intensity no one else could do. [I am] fortunate to feel that however, this is not permanent but ephemeral. Till here, my job is done. Congratulations..."

"And good night," her hand swipes lightly over his forehead. That particular parts of his memories are erased. He shall never know her. Then, she flies away to the sky and disappears within the stars.

He falls back to sleep, but this time, very soundly.


I stepped into the class, feeling a bit cheery. I placed my bag on top of the table and greeted her.

Her dark eyes were looking at me, as she inhaled the inhaler. It was a quick breath but a soothing one for her.

Her eyes were closed for a second, then she continued doing her own work but I stayed still.

I did not know that a breath was taken from me as well. 

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