Jul 23, 2016

Sem 2

It's starting to rain. It's always raining these days, perhaps it's the raining season now.

So, yeah! New semester, new faces (welcome, 19.0 juniors of the same age ahah), new spirit, new objectives, same old friends and same room but with new furniture. This semester is going to be so, so hectic.


I'm pretty excited even though I can feel the pressure of applying already. Need to keep improving my SAT, start studying for SAT Subject Tests, writing drafts of personal statements (Common App and UC) and tonnes of supplementary essays for each uni, oh my God... But then, it's the sacrifice that I made to achieve my dream, so it's okay! Go May, go. *positive vibes all the way*

So that's the pressure for US unis. UK unis? You feel the expectation when your Maths teacher called you from afar, asking:

"May, applying for Cambridge?" Certainly wasn't a question I expected when we met at the hallway. Especially when I have class with her an hour later...

And I hesitantly responded, "Uh... probably Oxford, teacher. Hehehe" and showing a 'teethy' grin.

"You sure?" she asked again. I don't know what's wrong with choosing Oxford over Cambridge. Well, most probably because most people are going to apply Cambridge because I don't know, Cambridge is better? Personally, to even have the opportunity to apply either Oxbridge is already an honour and I usually go to the less unfavourable option (stay away from crowd, you see).

"Yahhhh," I pulled the 'yah' quite long, "because I don't have other unis to apply since I have YK university list to follow."

"Oh, so you and Miza (my friend) are going to apply Oxbridge right? Bagusnya, dengar cakap YK. Good good."

Well, haha of course! YK is our scholarship provider. I don't even have to choose my 5 universities because there is only 5 (well, 6 if you count both Oxbridge but one can only apply either one of them) UK universities in the list. So I have less things to think about, actually.

It's just the FEAR of NOT GETTING IN.

They are soooooo competitive universities, and I am competing with the whole world, my goodness. I can imagine failing Oxford entrance exam but it's okay, I will not be sad.

I don't really know what to write in my UCAS personal statement. No, I think it's more to there's too many things to write. Funniest thing is, I'm applying for Physics (for Oxford and Edinburgh, I'm applying Physics and Philosophy) in the UK because there's no Biophysics in the UK.

I'm killing myself. *smiles meekly*

You know how in Alice in The Wonderland, she has a list of impossible things but turns out they are all possible. Well, I have too. I know I want to do something physics-ish but never thought of applying pure physics, ever because... it's just too pure. Two, I never thought I have the chance to apply to Oxbridge. It was a dream others always talk about but I never thought of it because, well it's freaking Oxbridge??? I never thought I would get YK scholarship as well. Everything feels so surreal...

But anyway, that's going to be Sem 2! Phew 

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