Sep 25, 2016





By the time I finish typing this, it's probably gonna be Sunday so I'll just say that my semester exams start tomorrow! I am supposed to finish my chemistry syllabus but at this moment (probably due to lack of sleep), nothing can enter my head anymore. I wanted to sleep but I've been thinking of ridiculous stuffs all the time that I can't get them out of my head and now I am a freaking zombie.

I wanted to express all on Twitter but I don't want to fill my friends' timeline with my self-pathetic tweets so hence, blog! Because it is my space; I can write whatever I want without having to think how many people are gonna be annoyed by how much I appear on their timeline. No one is reading this, so I feel so much better. I rule this little place of mine here and hence, SPACE. A LOT OF SPACE TO FILL IN AND WRITE.

I am pretty much frustrated of myself. I am frustrated that I am thinking of stupid, unnecessary stuffs, I am frustrated I begin studying last minute and I am frustrated that I don't have space. I feel like I am suffocating - no place to express myself, no freedom, no time, no nothing. AND I FEEL LIKE USING CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS ALL THE TIME BECAUSE YOU KNOW HOW CAPITAL LETTERS TAKE SPACE AND THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO DO: TAKING UP SPACE BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN SUFFOCATING

I CANNOT TALK TO ANYONE BECAUSE WORDS DON'T COME OUT EASILY. And the stuff I want to let out is so personal that no one should know and hence I am bottling everything up. Now, the bottle is reaching its brink. I need to let go:


Okay I am done, thank you for the space. I should probably do some chemistry questions. 

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