Oct 5, 2016

Err... random?

Today (technically, yesterday), I went to University Relations Office to hand in UCAS correction form. As I was taking things out from my bag, suddenly Pn Kas called me, "Soo May, I need to talk to you." I turned around to actually make sure if she was the one who called me, which yes, it was her. I was pretty surprised because:

1. Pn Kas actually remembered my name! *screams excitedly lol* Last week, she even asked me how my Oxford mock interview was and I think because I looked so stunned and speechless because she remembered that I was in the list that she had to say, "You did go for the interview, right?" I guess because Pn Kas is the university counselor and she has to deal with so many senior names for so many years of applications but probably it's just me who got so excited lmao

2. WHAT DID I DO WRONG? When a counselor (even though Pn Kas is a university counselor) wants to see you, it's like when a police officer is finding you. Look how I felt guilty, probably because I'm so nonchalant in school lol

I sat in her office and she called the secretariat to bring my printed UCAS form in. "Okay... so it is about UCAS," I bit my lip as she flipped my application form. I thought she was about to attack me with corrections to make but instead she showed her finger to a name which I know so well: Kolej PERMATApintar Negara.

"Can you tell me about this?"

"Sureeeeeee!" and that sense of relief + excitement flooded me.

Conclusion: I am pretty dramatic.


So yeah, today yesterday felt so good because I was able to talk about Permata again and this time, someone asked me to! I really, really appreciate people who are willing to know about it and especially when they understand and share the warm feelings I have regarding Permata even though they just heard it for the first time. So far in KYUEM, there are some who are like that and I am so, so grateful because I don't have to constantly live in faux expectations.

There are so many #throwback Permata photos showing up on my Instagram feed lately. I miss you guys :')

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